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Meet Nathalya Mamane

Alright – so today we’ve got the honor of introducing you to Nathalya Mamane. We think you’ll enjoy our conversation, we’ve shared it below.

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Combining Business & Impact with Nathalya Mamane, CEO & Founder of RT MicroDx

A Podcast by Recruitomics Consulting on Spotify. In this episode of Building Biotechs: A Podcast by Recruitomics Consulting, we’re joined by Nathalya Mamane, CEO & Founder of RT MicroDx. She talks about how she combined her business acumen with her need to create an impact; the future of home testing kits; and how to build the best biotech team you possibly can.

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Brookline mother-daughter duo developing first at-home test for strep throat

Taking a child into a clinic for a strep throat test can be a costly and time-intensive burden for many parents. But a Brookline-based entrepreneur said she has a solution: an at-home strep test.

Nathalya Mamane launched her company, RT MicroDx, in June 2021. She’s developing what the company describes as the first over-the-counter, molecular-based test for streptococcal pharyngitis, and she says she eventually hopes to expand into tests for other pathogens.

While Mamane’s idea sounds straightforward, her path to launching RT MicroDx was anything but.

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